Go your own way.


Thinking of heading out on your own? We can help.
With our huge network in the startup, entrepreneurial, events, digital, marketing and self-education communities, we can help you get your vision out of your head and into the real world. 


whiteboard central

Strategy planning. Blue ocean ideation. Lean canvas. Design thinking. Whatever your poison, our consultants can run effective, actionable workshops - either one-on-one or with your founding team to create a plan you'll refer back to again and again.


take it to market

With over 15 years in marketing strategy, customer intimacy and launching new ideas to customers, The Hired has the expertise to help you build your brand and your all-important customer base.  


the life-changing coffee catch up

We can connect you to our network of friendly and influential educators, VCs, start-up community organisers and just darn good people who know what you're going through. You'll never know - they could be the turning point in your business.


international connections

If the Aussie pond is just a little too shallow for you, The Hired has an exclusive access and pricing arrangement with Silicon Valley incubator, The Hacker Exchange