Is it time for your next move?


Whether you're looking for a professional upgrade, moving cities, or returning to the workforce, job seeking can be overwhelming.

Our mission at The Hired is to help you
find your passion, find your confidence
- and to help you get Hired.

Founded in Melbourne, we offer highly personalised career coaching and services to ambitious Australian professionals, as well as international professionals and graduates moving into the Australian job market. 

We specialise creating beautiful and effective resumes, building sleek online profiles, connecting you with the right network - and challenging you to unlock your career potential.


It's your career. Get Hired.



Career Coaching

Your first challenge? Getting out of your own way. 
We'll help you plan your next move, uncover strengths you didn't know you had, and give you the motivation and the practical tools to take action. 


Job search support

It's confusing out there.
We'll help you decipher job ads, make professional introductions and give you some fresh ideas about where to look. 


Resume services

Your resume is your first impression.
We'll work with you to make it polished and personalised, and create a document you'll be proud to use for years to come.


Interview coaching

If you're out of practice or out of confidence, it shows. 
We'll coach you through common (and uncommon) interview techniques and help you build your presentation skills. 


personalised networking

It's hard enough looking for a job - let alone looking for a job in a new city or industry. 
We can connect you to our network of friendly and influential professionals for that all-important coffee catch-up. 


Go your own way

Thinking of heading out on your own? We can help.
Learn more about The Hired for Entrepreneurs.


Professional profiles

Time to take it to the next level? 
We'll create a bespoke professional profile tailored to your needs, from an all-star LinkedIn page, to professional photography or a digital portfolio. 



Simple. Personal. Done.


When you choose to work with The Hired, we keep things simple and always put you first. 


It starts with a conversation

Your career is unique, and every new job search comes with
unique challenges.

Regardless of the service you choose, we'll start with a free
30 minute consultation either in person, by phone or video to get to know you personally. 


Simple pricing structures

At The Hired we are transparent about pricing, and value our services from $85 per hour for graduates to $250 per hour if you have more advanced goals. 

After our initial consultation, we'll present you with an estimate based on your needs, and you can decide how to proceed.  

Package pricing is available if you choose an ongoing coaching relationship.


You own the results

Any documents, photos or portfolios we create for you are yours - we will supply final documents in PDF as well as an editable file type so you truly own your career. 

Every document service includes at least one round of edits.


More than just a resume service.


At The Hired, we have the privilege of getting to know our clients personally. Here are some of their stories and nice things they have to say about us. 



the International graduate

Being new to Melbourne with a new degree, Mark knows first-hand how tricky the Australian job market can be. Mark worked with The Hired to practice his interview skills and for an insight into what hiring managers look for in a new graduate. 

"I tried to research interviews and CVs online, but it wasn't very useful because all the information is the same. You taught me the most, and I especially liked learning about what job ads really mean."


The expat

For four years, Jacqui had a high-flying career with an airline based in the Middle East - but on her return to Australia, her next step was unclear.

"You helped me work out the kind of jobs I should really be applying for, and taught me not to undersell myself. I really loved the structure for writing cover letters. It's awesome and made applying for jobs so much easier!"


the new directioner

After working in fitness and personal training, Aaron decided to upgrade to a career more aligned to his qualifications in architecture and small business. He came to The Hired to polish up his resume and professional profile. 

"From what I had before to what it is now - there's no comparison. My new resume is so professional, and I even have a portfolio section. It made such a huge difference to how recruiters responded to me."


the parent & the Professional

With her daughter heading to kindergarten, Rebecca's biggest concern was not being taken seriously when she returned to her financial services role in a part-time capacity. Her confidence on the back-burner, she needed to get her head back into the game. 

"After a few years of being at home, I felt overwhelmed at the thought of going back to work. I know I'm qualified, but having someone to coach me through my crisis of confidence to and to help me get my head around all the new jargon in my industry was invaluable."